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PURPLE NO. 1 -  This flavor is a decadent blend of flavors that draw inspiration from ripened grapes, fresh strawberries, and supple blueberries.

PINK NO. 1 (formerly known as Pink Punch Lemonade)A delicious flavor that features lemon extracts, which brings to mind your favorite summertime drink.

Pink 0° (formerly known as Iced Pink Punch) - Pink lemon extracts inspired by a favorite summertime drink gets a punch of fruit flavors and menthol for a chilled effect.

SWEET AND SOUR - The perfectly balanced sweetness of watermelon complements the sour overtones that waft over your palate with every inhale and exhale.

Space No. 1 (formerly known as Space Rocks)
Embrace an out of this world mixture of strawberry and kiwi that pops and rocks. This otherworldly vape will excite your taste buds and blast you off to another level of sweet flavor.

Crimson No. 1 (formerly known as Strawberry Crush) - Vine-ripe strawberry flavors are perfectly mixed with lemon extracts to create a dazzling e-liquid taste like no other.

Frosted Amber (formerly known as Frosted Sugar Cookie) - A light and airy, almost cake-like confection, is topped with warm vanilla drizzle and sprinkled with candied sweetness for good measure.

Banana Amber (formerly known as Banana Oatmeal Cookie) - A mix of warm and chewy oatmeal cookie is loaded with fresh and creamy bananas to give your tastebuds a fresh from the oven tasting experience.

Rainbow No. 1 - A taste of this rainbow is a mash-up of colorful fruit flavors with a burst of sour at the finish. This amazing combination will have you vaping for more.

Cocktail Blend by Twist E-liquids - Just as the name suggests, Fruit Cocktail from Twist E-Liquids is an eclectic and mouthwatering blend of some of your favorite fruit flavors. This excellent vape blend combines the flavors of fresh strawberries, juicy raspberries, exotic kiwi, and delicate watermelon to name a few. It’s challenging to make a vape flavor that features all of these elements without having one overpower the other, but the master mixologist from Twist E-Liquids always gets the job done.

Menthol No. 1 - Menthol flavors are balanced to perfection to produce a one of a kind e-liquid.