Why was my order Cancelled? - Your order was cancelled because you did not complete the age verification process or there was a problem with your payment.

Will I be refunded if my order is cancelled? - Yes you will be refunded.  Refunds are processed as soon as your order is cancelled.  It may take 1-2 business days to show up.

When will my order be shipped? - Orders are shipped in 1-2 business days regardless of shipping speed.  Please keep in mind shipping carriers do not operate on Saturday and Sunday. Please note that the estimated delivery times are PRE-COVID19.  We are seeing up  to 9 additional business days for delivery with First Class and Priority mail. If you choose Priority Mail, please know that the 3-5 day delivery time is NOT GUARANTEED. The cost for shipping is not refundable by the USPS when they exceed the estimated delivery time.

I want to make a change to my order, what do I need to do? - You can email us at vapesatlcom@gmail.com.  We reply to emails from 9:00am to 7:00pm.  Please Note sometimes emails are not recieved by us as soon as your send it, It can take up to an hour for us to receive your email.

I am having a hard time submitting my ID to Agechecker.net, what should I do? - You can email us a picture of your ID to vapesatlcom@gmail with your Order Number.  Even if your age verification goes through, we may ask you for a selfie with ID for verification purposes. 

I received my order but I received the wrong or defective item, what do I need to do?  - Please email us at vapesatlcom@gmail.com so we can take care of your problem.  Please note if your order is undeliverable, or you refuse to accept the order, shipping fees will not be refunded.

Please note, we do not guarantee the amount of puffs that are mentioned on the item.  All puff counts are estimated and listed by the manufacturer.  Puffs also depend on how every individual inhales their vapes.