Black Horse Royal Honey For Him


Black Horse Royal Honey 

Royal Honey blend is a vast energy source for proper body build up and is the miracle in treatment of sexual impotence and sterility. Wild honey extracted traditionally from specific types of wild flowers with no artificial additives

 Product Features

 Increases sexual desire.
Strengthens the erection without feeling tired.
Boosts self confidence due to a stable sexual performance.
 Increases testosterone levels.
Decreases prostate issues and illnesses in the man’s productive system.
 100 % Authentic & Top Quality.
 Expedite Shipping Available.

Pure honey 93%
Radix Eurycoma longifolia extract 3%  
Radix Panax ginseng powder 2%
Royal Jelly 2%

How To Use
one sachet every three days 
better to take on empty stomach


keep in a cool dry place


10g per sachet